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We are a Community of Investors seeking powerful Dividends as we invest into meaningful Thriving Pursuits with companies setup for Fractionally Owned Opportunities.

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Strannix Logistics is a startup company looking for investors to purchase fractions of its fleet of Trucks. Each truck has an available 10 shares. 12 Trucks are available for fractional ownership. 1.2 Million Equity Available.
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Raised: $20,000.00
Goal: $1,200,000.00

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Fractionally Owned Equipment Backed by Insurance

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Assets that are Fractionally Owned are Managed

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Fractionally Owned Investments Are Working For Your Portfolio

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Are better than untested and unrecognizable new business concepts, and are therefore more reliable

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An income producing asset will put dividend payments into your account faster

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Fractional ownership, defined as several parties sharing in minimal risk and ownership of managed high-value profit producing assets, is the latest way many investors can expand their potential.

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