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Our entire company is Investor Minded. We wanted to create an entire company that was focused on returning dividends to Investors. We wanted a company that would be fueled by investors seeking an alternative means of investment.

Strannix Logistics Inc.

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We Fractional is Proud to Present: Strannix Logistics Inc., specializing in Express Freight Transportation.   Strannix Logistics is owned by Strannix Business Group Holdings based out of Portland, Oregon.  Strannix Logistics was designed and built from the ground up to provide managed fractional investment opportunities.

SL provides transportation of freight and goods to valued customers and businesses.  SL utilizes only the latest Freightliner trucks, and delivers anywhere in North America.   SL has a Can Do Attitude and a Commitment to Safety and the Environment operating high efficiency vehicles and low emission fuels.

SL’s offer is simple.  You will take Fractional Ownership of a Truck and benefit from the ROI.

  • Take a 10-30% Fractional Ownership Of each Truck
  • ROI Based Fractional Ownership Principles
  • 12 Truck Initial Offering
  • Sit back and watch your investment grow with every mile the Truck is on the road.


  • 12 New Freightliner Cascadia Trucks, with a minimum fractional ownership share of $10,000.
  • Once Truck #1 reaches $120,000 in Fractional Ownership (100%), Truck #2 will come available.


  • Trucks Will be Acquired With Either New Specification, or Low Miles and Minimal Wear
  • Trucks will maintain a Maximum Safety Condition At All Times
  • Drivers Will Be CDL Trained Professionally with Maximum Safety Adherence at all times
  • All Vehicles will Carry Insurance Policies and Full Vehicle Coverage

Company Policies

  • Strict Adherence to Safety Culture
  • Proper and Timely Compensation for Drivers
  • Qualified Drivers
  • Proper Management and Dispatch of Vehicles and Staff
  • Cost Efficient
  • Biannual or Quarterly Dividend Payouts for Fractional Owners of the Trucks


  • As a Fractional owner you will benefit from your % fractional ownership as the vehicle completes Trips, and fulfills Freight Contracts.
  • Each Months Revenue is never the same, however we expect your initial investment to pay for itself quite rapidly.
  • The entire company is designed as an investor hub while we operate the Trucks.


Vehicle Depreciation over time.

About Strannix Logistics

Location: Portland, Oregon

Founded: 2020


USDOT # 3580538

Motor Carrier (MC) #

  • 11-27-21

    First Offering of 1 Truck

    1 Fractional Ownership Of A New Freightliner Cascadia

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Anonymous $20,000.00 April 26, 2021

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    This is a minimal risk asset with potential for consistent returns.

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